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Dismantling nuclear reactors 15 miles south of Tavistock – good idea or not?

devonport-sleepless-in-somersetControversy around Devonport’s role of dismantling nuclear submarines has been a cloud over Plymouth and surrounding area almost as noxious as the radioactive cloud that many fear. There is an argument that it provides very needed jobs in one of the most deprived areas of Devon. But at what cost? When are we going to take a step back from our lives and realise the bigger picture. Instead of encouraging employment in dangerous trades, which only fuel an out of date Cold war relic, why not encourage investment in the sustainability revolution of green energy, waste and locally-based food supply?

This is not a simple question to answer and understandably there are both sides to the argument but take one moment to consider that not so long ago women did not have the vote and society viewed the change as unbelievable. In the US, ethnic minorities were not treated equally and yet now they have a President from mixed race. Nuclear weapons could be the very same issue. If we are training in something which will become defunkt – where will we be when the industry collapses like mining, textiles and steel? Sustainability is about working towards a balance of economic, environmental and social issues. Dismantling nuclear submarines fails on all three long-term.

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