Tavistock College Surf Academy beach clean up at Tregantle Beach on Sat 6 Feb 10

Just a reminder that the  Tavistock College Surf Academy is hosting a (hopefully) large scale beach clean up on Tregantle beach (Whitsands Bay) on Saturday 6th Feb.  The event should be a fun day at the beach and will be incredibly worth while in terms of the vastly improved condition it will be left in.  If you are not doing anything that day it would be amazing to see some of you there.  There is going to be press there as well so it should give the college a nice bit of publicity if we have lots of people there.  Dan Kinsman and I are collecting a minibus full of students from college and then meeting everybody else on Tregantle beach at 11:20ish for a safety briefing.  It’s not nasty horrible food rubbish or anything like that, it’s all just marine debris which is almost all washed up plastic.  The beach is dog friendly too.  If your keen, bring warm clothes and some gardening gloves.  Hope you can make it. 

Pete Keegan 07866 886954