Tavistock College Outdoor Task Force strike at the Molly Owen Centre


Tutor Group 12DK become the first Community Outdoor Taskforce

Westden worked in partnership with Tavistock College and Tavistock Taskforce on Sunday 8 November 2009 by creating a day called the “Community Outdoor Task Force Event”. Pupils from tutor group 12DK and one of the members from the college’s newly formed “Environment Group” joined Lucie Ponsford from Tavistock Taskforce in giving the Sensory Garden at the Molly Owen Centre a much-needed facelift. Weeding, pruning, raking were done with zeal and in only two hours they managed to completely change the garden.


Design and discuss

Westden then continued the day by hosting some design and discussion sessions which looked at two potential areas for sustainable development. Firstly, the open space at the back of the Molly Owen Centre and secondly, the area in front of the new football pavillion at the Tavistock Community Football Club. Both areas are places which Westden have been approached to design and develop and it was a good opportunity to get some brainstorming done. The idea was to introduce the group to rights and responsibilities by way of balancing some community work with some ways that the group could begin to exercise their rights as community members.

MO-Sensory-Garden-01-for site

Helping hand

The other key aspects were to:

  • Introduce pupils to volunteering
  • Introduce pupils to sustainability literacy
  • Create opportunity for the pupils to add to their college Reward Scheme
  • Promote community involvement
  • Promote gardening as a healthy activity for both mind and body

Look out for the article in this Thursday’s edition of the Tavistock Times. Click below for some more photos…

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New Environment Group at Tavistock College

Westden met with a group of students at Tavistock College today who are forming the first Environment Group. They have not decided on a name as yet so students Beth and Alice just call themselves the “Environment People”. It seems this is a new strategy from Eva Pearson who in charge of what one may call sustainability and environment at the college and who is working closely with Westden on the new School Garden Network.

Westden were at are the college to discuss a project with a group of sixth-formers who are looking to do some community work in the town and learn about the decision processes made in the town and how they can be part of it. Their teacher, Pete Keegan, invited Westden into the college to help put on a day for the students on Sunday 8 November to look into how ‘rights’ and ‘responsibilities’ come hand-in-hand in communities. The day will be partly spent doing some manual maintainance work on a community garden in Tavistock and the other brainstorming and design two other areas.

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