NEW PROJECT for October 2010 – Community Landscape Network (CLaN) in partnership with Learning through Landscapes



1. Establish 15 sustainable landscapes in West Devon through partnerships between rural communities and their schools.

2. Promote community and social cohesion.

3. Provide intergenerational, outdoor, vocational education.

4. Equip communities with sustainability literacy.

5. Develop a landscape network for mutual support, experience-sharing and economies of scale.

2010 sees Westden focusing on community cohesion, education and sustainability literacy through landscape projects on primary and secondary school land in Tavistock and surrounding West Devon area.

We are looking to create a Network of community landscapes on school sites across West Devon for:

  • Building new partnerships between communities and their schools to release space for community use
  • Working on social and community cohesion with links to the ‘Community Cohesion Agenda’
  • Challenging approaches to education which link with the ‘Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto’
  • Promoting sustainability literacy and environmental awareness for the present and future generations
  • Encouraging sustainable school gardens through a network of community members
  • Encouraging schools to embed the outdoor learning environment into the curriculum
  • Providing support for both schools and communities including hosting a new website
  • Hosting regular meetings and open forums for pupils, teachers, parents and members of the community to share ideas, skills and experience
  • Sourcing funding for professional help, seeds, tools, equipment etc.
  • Providing inter-generational links and strengthening community bonds
  • Preparing our children for  the new enivronmental, social and economic challenges of today and the future through practical learning and sharing
  • Dealing with major issues such as hidden rural deprivation
  • Providing spaces for rural skills training
  • Supporting schools towards sustainability through local and national schemes like Eco-schools

Westden are working in partnership with Learning through Landscapes.

We are also working in partnership with Sue Fisher who has been a horticulturalist for over 20 years. She will be on-hand to provide professional advice to schools and communities.

We also have a host of other partners who are willing to give support and advice on a range of subjects from composting to renewable energy.

Westden has been running pilot projects at Bere Alson Primary School, Tavistock Community Primary School and now at Tavistock College.


Our research together with the pilots are being used for a fundng application which will see the project delivered for three years from October 2010.

The Landscapes

15 schools have declared a serious interest in being part of the project however there will be an organic element to it so if your school is not listed then get in touch.

Phase 1

Tavistock Community Primary School
St Peter’s Junior School
St Rumon’s C of E Infants School
Gulworthy Primary School
Whitchurch Community Primary
Tavistock College
Bere Alston

Phase 2

Buckland Monochorum
Milton Abbot

Running a garden is a 12 month a year task which means that for the school gardens to be successful they must be community based. Westden are interested in breaking down the barriers between schools and community and using the outdoor space to do it with.

If you a pupil, teacher, parent, governor or simply a member of the local community and would be interested in getting involved, please contact Max on 01822 618 715 or email:

Or simply leave a comment below…


5 Responses

  1. I think this is a great idea. My kids seem to respond so well to practical learning rather than sitting in a box called a classroom!

  2. wow been really up for getting involved in this kind of thing – how can I?

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